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Monday, March 22, 2010

Glaring Omission Corrected

My 'Bike Links' segment was missing a link to the late, great Sheldon Brown, one of the few figures in the world of cycling that is regarded with canonical reverence by pretty much everyone who has ever been seriously interested in bikes.

The only cyclists who don't think of him as a sort of patron saint of cycling are those who haven't heard of him. I like to think that his great, benevolent spirit still watches over all of us.

I have duely corrected the egregious omission in question, as you will note.

In other news, a brief haiku:

Monday afternoon:
perfect weather for cycling --
chainring strikes again

...So much for my un-branded pants. I found a brand-spanking new, road-grease free pair of khakis I'd totally forgotten about for months. I have now worn them for half a day, and — voila! — they now have acquired a nice little chainring stamp on the left calf. I should note that they were rolled up almost to the KNEE at the time. Swift is one talented machine.

I think I may change Swift's name to 'Lefty,' if he keeps this up.


  1. Hey, Amen brother of the curch of Sheldon Brown. Just followed your comment on my site here... you sound like you have a similar approach to riding as I do.

    I look forward to reading more...

  2. Hey, thanks! I've enjoyed reading your blog for much the same reason.

    I should really set up the whole 'inform me when people comment' feature so I can say thanks.