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Sunday, April 04, 2010


I had a great, hilly ride today in the awesome, fabulous, wonderful Spring weather that only lasts for about 2 weeks around here. It was fantastic. Except for the part where I nearly drowned myself by attempting to scoop water from an uncooperative faucet into my mouth. Yeah. That part wasn't so great. Apparently, I am not qualified to operate that equipment or something*.

But other than that, it was fantastic!

*Note to self: In future, attempt to avoid near drowning on rides. Especially when you are not actually in the water at all.

I also encountered a couple of male wood ducks in flight — I see tons of wood ducks, because they seem to like Beargrass Creek, but I have somehow lived this long without ever seeing one in flight before today. I came around a curve over the bridge just past where Beargrass Road and Park Boundary Road converge, and there they were, sailing along beside me. I matched their speed for a while, and it absolutely felt more like flying than anything I've ever done.

Then realized I probably ought to be paying attention to where I was going, not flying furiously down the road goggling at ducks — so I dropped off a bit and watched them soar into the distance. Those guys are fast!

There were about 2,763 other people out riding (okay, I didn't actually count), which was really nice to see. That being said, the route in question is popular with cyclists who aren't afraid of a few little climbs. I've ridden pretty much the whole route I did today in pieces, but I've never done it as a continuous ride. Now I see why everyone else rides it all the time. I will definitely be giving it a repeat, probably next week.

In other news, I said almost a whole freaking week some indefinite amount of time ago that I discovered cycling awesomeness in Indiana and would explain later. Well, here it is:


Not only does Indiana really seem to be making a serious effort to be more bike-friendly, they put out a nifty annual bike magazine which lists all kinds of cycling events. You can pick it up at any number of locations in Indiana proper, or you can get a copy at the downtown Louisville (Market Street) branch of Bike Couriers' Bike Shop. I don't know if they have it at their other branches, but I wouldn't be surprised. They're very into the cycling advocacy end of things.

I am thinking about having BC install my bike computer. They only charge $10 to do the deed, and I admit that I am feeling a bit intimidated by it. Normally, I like to tinker with things and do them myself, but this is something I'd rather not screw up (besides, it was a gift!).

In other, other news, I saw Clash of the Titans in 3D. It was fun!

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