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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

...And the Heavens Opened Up...

This weekend, I had planned on doing the Good First Century ride organized by some of the kind folks at LBC (note to self: mail membership payment...). I was hemming and hawing about it due to the dregs of the sinus/ear/etc. thing I had the last couple of weeks — and then the Heavens opened up and made the decision for me. Um ... point taken?

The organizers have mentioned that the ride is on the calendar for October as well, and there have been rumors of other opportunities as well. Obviously, October isn't before the June 26th date of the 200k I'm hoping to hit, but it does happen to be an excellent time of year for a ride, around here.

I'm back on the bike, but I plan to spend a couple of weeks building back up to my pre-infection capacity. If this means I miss the 200K in June, so be it — I've done more than my share of ignoring my health in favor of physically challenging fun, and it's not a great idea :) I'd rather wait and do my brevets when I'm really healthy than roll the dice, if it comes to that (if it doesn't come to that, though, I'll be delighted).

I've also taken on a couple of side jobs that will demand a fair amount of time, which will probably mean less time goofing around on the intertubes. However, I've scheduled those hours so I'll still have plenty of time to ride. That's not terribly hard to do, since I plan to continue commuting by bike.

I'm also trying to ignore the fact that I could use the extra money that the work will bring in to buy more bike stuff O:) It's supposed to be for school. (That Little Voice reminds me that since I use my bike as my primary form of transportation, it could be argued that bike expenses are school expenses. That Little Voice and I probably need to have a talk about goal-setting and priorities...)

The Pegasus Parade went off without a hitch, and was a lot of fun. Last year, we were contending with ridiculous winds and had to ditch less than halfway in; this time, it was just a little gusty. Going the full 2-mile distance felt like less work than desperately fighting an angry inflatable Pegasus part of the way last year. And, of course, that means I've got my upper-body workout for the year behind me :D

It looks like we're scheduled for more rain this weekend. I enjoy thunderstorms, but I'm hoping the mornings, at least, will be dry so everyone who doesn't like to ride in the rain can get out there! (And so my friends whose basements are flooded can catch a break.)

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