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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Figured It Out

I meant to mention this earlier, but forgot entirely.

I believe I may have mentioned heretofore that I'm thinking about getting a set of those clipless/platform pedals for Swift, so I have the option of clicking in for long rides without sacrificing the ability to tool around in any shoes I deem fit for the occasion at other times. I expect to do the same with the Allez, because while I intend to ride the Allez primarily on longer rides (especially longer group rides), I like the idea of being able to tool around on any of my bikes and stop willy-nilly to snap scenic pictures of the river or the park or the chickens that have begun to show up in back-yards all over the city (yeay!).

I am not, however, sure how I'll feel about the whole 'clipless' experience, and have been enamored of the look of toe clips since I was a little kid (my Mom's bike would've done well to sport a pair — she was decked out with some truly fearsome metal dentition), I didn't want to invest a whole lot of money up-front in clipless equipment that I might not actually really like.

Thus, I laid hands on a pair of second-hand mountain-bike-style shoes made by Shimano, which are comfortable (and un-hideous) enough to use even if I decide I hate going clipless. The fact that I haven't yet acquired the actual pedals to go with them seems moot — they're not very useful without compatible shoes.

In the process, I learned that the trouble I continually have with shoes — that is, my 'narrow' feet — simply derives from the fact that I've been wearing the wrong shoes.

My feet are clearly perfectly normal feet for a cyclist :)

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