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Monday, May 24, 2010

More Reflections on Not Riding

Aside: I just realized that the title above is more or less ganked from one of my favorie horsey books, Reflections on Riding and Jumping, by William Steinkraus. If you're an equestrian who rides in any of the hunter-seat disciplines, it's well worth a read, even if you don't compete.

I've just had a blissfull, delightful weekend that did not involve cycling at all — proof that it's entirely possible to have fun without using bicycles :D Take note: if you have a chance to go see Wicked, don't pass it up. Especially don't pass it up if you can go with a charming beau or belle who will hold your hand the whole time — it's a very romantic show with a lot to say about love, loyalty, and friendship.

I didn't ride this weekend because my beau, who's a physical therapist and knows what he's talking about, and my roommate, who used to be in the medical field and also knows what he's talking about, both suggested that I give my leg some time to heal.

It looks like, overly-optimistic predictions aside, I will indeed not be cycling for a week or so. I'm finding it surprisingly easy to comply — in part because my leg is all kinds of weird and funky colors, still fairly swollen, and really quite painful, but also because it's easy to listen to someone who makes you light up like a back-roads brevet on a moonless night. Especially when a friend who has stood by you through thick and thin for nearly a third of your life and who is almost always right backs him up :)

I have laid hands on a bike I really want to put through its paces — a beautiful steel Specialized Allez decked out in Shimano 105 components (and weird purple bar tape). I have no idea what its actual built-up weight is, but it's a beautiful little bike and feels like it weighs half what Swift does. That seems unlikely, as even a titanium bike is probably going to weigh 10 or 15 pounds when built up, but suffice it to say I'm looking forward to riding the Allez.

I wager that it would normally be quite frustrating to have a fast new bike at one's disposal and be unable to ride it, but recent developments in the field of romance have nullified that blow pretty effectively.

I plan take some pictures of my leg, partly for the amusement of the intarwebz, but also to remind myself to be a little more careful. I am not, by nature, a cautious person where physical danger is concerned -- so I'm going to have to work on that :) I'll post them here once I've got 'em. Not that I think anyone has a great and enduring need to see my bockety leg, but it's amusing.


  1. Kokorozashi - My guess is that you are already painfully aware of the fact that that you are a gear pig. Stay away from exposure to new bikes and/or components, but above all please do not become a weight weenie. Please. Unless you are a pro racer doing some anonymous blog thing, which I don't think you are because you describe cycling the way I do, don't become a weight weenie, because only if you race seriously does anything about your machine other than your love for it matter.

    I apologize in advance for getting so preachy.

  2. LOL, no problem. I appreciate the reality check :) Weight-weenieism is a nefarious disease and can creep in under the radar. I suspect I may be at risk of developing a case. Likewise, you're dead right about not needing to obsess about weight and so forth unless one races seriously.

    Also, you're right about me being something of a gear pig. This problem bleeds over into my life as an equestrian and a computer geek as well. I'm likewise eternally in danger of succumbing to my essentially obsessive and border-collie like personality. I'm guessing it's a bit worse than normal right now, because I can't ride, so the gear-fixating part of my personality has become temporarily decoupled from the happy kid part that likes to whiz down hills while shouting, "WHEE!"

    I should probably have noted that what I love most about the Allez is simply how it looks (by which I mean, it's just plain pretty) and handles beautifully. I had a chance to give it a short test ride before I blew up my leg, and it was ridiculously fun to ride. I didn't mention it for fear of somehow jinxing the acquisition, LOL, but I guess it's okay to mention it now.

    Also, you didn't sound preachy in the least. In my opinion, a good friend -- even a good semi-anonymous internet friend -- is one who can tell you when you are starting to wander into the deep end. I am actually quite grateful, because I am one of those people who is sometimes inclined to find himself in the deep end (or even in the shark tank), thinking, "Jeez, how did I wind up here?"

    As penance, I will say twenty-one Hail Sheldons and buy some fenders (and maybe even a rack) for the Allez!