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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Took a quick 4.2-mile/6.8-km spin at lunch — mostly at an easy pace (around 13 MPH/20KPH), with a couple light sprints. I wasn't trying for hard efforts — I just jumped over to one of the smaller big ring gears and kicked up the spin RPM a little.

The adjusted fit feels really good. Based on feel and handling improvements, Quicksilver's saddle was definitely too low before. I plan to ride QS as he is now for a week or so, then dial in the fit a little more if need arises.

Temperature was 80F/27C, not ridiculously humid at all, with a really nice wind from the NE at 11 MPH/18 KPH. Around here, once summer hits, you really have to grab every opportunity you can to ride in decent weather, because much of the time it's disgustingly hot and sticky once the sun gets up over the horizon.

I am madly in love with the way Quicksilver handles. I've probably already said that fifteen times, but I think it bears repeating :)

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