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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Obligatory Photo Post (Belated)

I don't think I've included a picture of Quicksilver or Swift in here.

Here's Swift:

From CyclingStuff

I like this shot. He looks like he's cavorting, or something.

...And here's Quicksilver:

From MyLife

...as you can see, I haven't yet swapped out the random aftermarket suspension post. I plan to do that soon. I'm also going to invest (a whole $25 or so) in a new saddle — I hated the one that came with QS (also aftermarket), so I ganked Swift's. The new saddle will go on Swift for 'cross season, though.

Here I am:

From MyLife

OMG, I'm not on my bike! Let me fix that:

From CyclingStuff

I'm the fatty in the burgundy shirt on the left. The focus of the photo, however, is Murphy, who looks in this particular shot as if he's rapping (or casting a spell — you decide!). This shot was from A Good First (For Me, Metric) Century


  1. Swift's saddle looks very springy. Have you mentioned it before? (linky?) On a scale from ouch to ooooo, how much comfort would you say those springs add?

  2. That saddle was springy indeed! It was very springy and quite comfy indeed -- definitely well into 'oooo' territory. On cushy seats, I often have problems with my tailbone, which I broke when I was around 9 or 10 years old, so I also appreciated the fact that it wasn't deeply padded.

    It was also rather a lot of fun to go bouncing over ruts and whatnot while going boing! boing! boing! That always made me grin.

    I would say that as long as the saddle fits the fanny and the rider isn't concerned about weight, springs are well worth having in a saddle for any bike that might meet rough ground, potholes, and so forth.

    That being said, the saddle that's on QS now was the replacement for the springy saddle when the connection between springs and saddle broke. It has plain chromoly rails, and that one is pretty comfortable, too, even on a non-suspended post -- but you feel the difference when you hit an unexpected pothole!