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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Has Anyone Seen Autumn...?

Missing in Louisville:
Autumn Season
Length: About 3 months
Color: Rusty reds and oranges
Temperature: Cool and Comfortable

Isn't it supposed to be Fall?

'Cross season is upon us. The days are growing shorter. Rollers are appearing on Craigslist (presumably so those of us who already have rollers can buy new ones without suffering the wrath of our spouses, significant others, Moms, and so forth) in anticipation of winter. The legs of the flocks of local cyclists have grown strong on a steady diet of Tuesday Night Worlds and Sunday morning group rides, daily commutes, and weekend races (sanctioned or otherwise). 'Cross season is — oh, wait. I said that already.

...And yet the past two days' temperatures have been in the nineties, and Air Quality Alerts continue (specifically, Ozone Alerts). Yikes!

Today's AQI in Louisville was the second-worst in the United States, just behind Atlanta (which has abominably bad air for frighteningly large portions of the year), though at this particular moment, Denver Metro is in "Unhealthy for Everyone" mode.

I opted to take the bus home as a result — which, ironically, required a half-an-hour long trek through the teeth of rush-hour traffic (I believe I rode all of around two miles in that time: as you can tell, much of it was spent sitting at stoplights).

I'm never clear what the EPA means when they say 'Sensitive groups should consider reducing prolonged or heavy outdoor exertion.' I mean, I normally spend an hour or more each day on the bike. Does this mean 'prolonged' has a different meaning for me than it would for someone who doesn't ride that much?

Admittedly, time-trialling my way to work this morning might've been a bit much ;)

Speaking of which: I've snagged a really awesome new job.

My old job had its benefits — good medical plan, significantly more pay (but not what I would call 'competitive' pay when compared with industry-standard rates even in this area). However, it wasn't going to work for much longer with my school schedule. Conveniently, however, I was offered a job at our friendly local bike shop/courier service, so I snagged it. Now I spend my whole day cozied up with a bunch of very nice bikes, dispatching couriers, answering questions, and doing my homework. The shop is about a mile from my old job, so I still ride almost the same route.

On my days off (which are many), I look after the house, do whatever homework I haven't finished between calls at work, and ride around enjoying my freedom.

After the awesome bike shop folks and working in a room full of beautiful bicycles, I think the best part is that I no longer have to wear real clothes. I show up in the morning wearing whatever I wore on the ride in, and I don't have to change (I still shower in the morning so I won't be stinky). I think I'm going to buy a couple of our shop jerseys and a few more pairs of cycling shorts, so I can at least look somewhat official. Somehow, I'm inclined to think that the dispatch guy at the desk in the front of the shop should try to look at least a little official. Plus, jersey pockets rock.

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