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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

How I Got Over (to New Albany Target, at Oh-Dark-Hundred)

This morning I started my new job at Target. I actually found the work itself rather enjoyable — my last few jobs have been sit-on-your-butt-and-use-your-brain jobs, including the long stretch at Republic, so it's nice to be doing something more physical for the time being. I think I'm going to enjoy it, though possibly not quite as much as my bike shop job, because, you know, it doesn't involve hanging out in a bike shop and talking about bikes all day.

Speaking of bikes, the ride in this morning was ... um ... interesting. It was actually a very nice ride, but I sort of deviated from the planned route, so what started as a 15-mile route became a 17-mile route involving a creepy cemetery and a couple of unanticipated hills. Fortunately, I brought my climbing legs. And lights. Lots of lights. Well, okay, only three this time. Next time I plan to bring four -- two headlights and two blinkies. Visibility, you know.

I left home at around 4:25 — later than I meant to, but still early enough that I made it to work on time. There were very few vehicles on the roads, so most of the time it was smooth sailing for me, all alone in the dark, quiet roads. Moreover, it was surprisingly warm (I was actually quite sweaty when I reached the store), and I felt surprisingly well-rested, considering that I was rather silly and stayed up far too late.

There is something singularly delightful about the solitary silence of early morning broken only by the soft whirring of a good road bike's drive train. I'm looking forward to enjoying the coming of the cold weather. I realize that means I'm, you know, probably slightly crazier than some other bike people, though I maintain that you can always add layers if it's cold (when it's hot, you can only take off so much before they arrest you).

That being said, I fear this post is dithering towards incoherence, since I am ridiculously tired.

Today's mileage total was just over 25. Not bad for a work/school day, especially one with a much-needed two-hour nap in the middle.

...And speaking of needful things, I think I'm going to go find some more much-needed calories, then head off to bed for some much-needed sleep.


  1. If there is another purely mechanical assembly that is more satisfying to use in its pure smooth and efficient functioning than a fine road bike drive train, I don't know what it is.

  2. Amen. If there is an afterlife in which we experience ourselves as corporeal beings, and there are no bicycles there, it will not be possible to call it Heaven.