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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Major Changes

Okay, so I'm not actually making any major changes to this blog or anything. Rather, I've decided to formally change my major.

When I went back to school, having learned that as much as I love computers, the corporate IT world is SOOOO not for me, I thought I would eventually finish up as a farm vet. However, my schedule and that of the courses requisite to start down that road did not seem to agree (especially since I was registering hella late and almost all the sections of everything I could get to were already crammed beyond capacity) -- so, instead, I signed up for Intro to Psych.

Over the course of this semester, I have learned that I find psychology — especially developmental, life-span, and neuropsychology — absolutely fascinating. Even more fascinating that the insides of things like sheep and cows, which, if you knew me in person, you would realize fascinate me even more than bicycles (crazy, I know!).

I actually feel more excited about this change than just about anything I've encountered recently except DD, who is still basically the greatest thing on earth, as far as I'm concerned (and who thinks I am adorable when I go on Top Secret Missions that take all day instead of doing something responsible, like going home and finishing the laundry, during my free time between Stocking for Sauron and going to class). Since I am essentially a disgustingly happy and optimistic individual, known for unnecessary perkiness and generalized happy-go-lucky-ism, being this excited about something means I'm, like, really, really excited.

Like, this kind of excited:


...Which is probably saying something, even for me.

(Please note that I only rarely actually pee on the carpet when excited. I am well house-trained. I also know basic commands like 'sit,' 'stay,' and 'Baby, have you seen the TiVo remote?')

In other news, a company called Mission Workshop is making a SPD-compatible sneaker that actually looks like ... um, well, a sneaker, basically. If I win the lottery, I might but a pair, because they actually look like they might be a pretty cool product. If I can sucker someone into buying me a pair (Mom? If you're reading this, my birthday is coming up!), I will review those. I guess I should first finish and post my other product review, "Bike Wash: Yes, It's Actually Worth It."

Lastly, Quicksilver is in the shop still, but it turns out his bottom bracket is fine — it's his pedals that are shot, which I guess is what happens when you ride a bajillion miles on plastic platforms. Eventually, they die. Billy will be swapping them out for some SPD pedals, so I will be wearing my SPD shoes around a lot in the future.

Billy also observed that I have corrosive sweat, which was actually responsible for my brake-sticking issues. QS now brakes like a normal bike; it is no longer necessary to flip the funky little levers on the calipers to get the brakes to back off. In short, this means I will soon be able to ride QS like a normal bike. Billy replaced my brake cables for me; next time I re-wrap the bars, I'm going to replace the cables and housings. Maybe I'll even buy some of 'em dere fanshy cables what with the spaishul coatins' and all.



Off to take my psychology exam (which is not the same as having my head examined).

Wish me luck.

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