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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

In Which Your Humble Author Has an Idea

I am not, in fact, the world's most social guy.

I have, in the past seven-months-and-change, developed a much more significant social life 'in real life,' surprisingly little of which revolves around bikes (my schedule means I'm generally a loan-wolf cyclist, though I actually love group rides).

Thus, it might seem surprising — and it's certainly surprising to me — that I'm percolating a very sociable idea right now.

Specifically, I'm thinking about hosting a roller party (or a roller/trainer/used-exercise-bike party) concurrent with Fattie's One Hundred Miles of Nowhere, assuming he does it again this year.

The idea is to get a bunch of people together, watch bike-themed movies (including the undeniably-topical The Triplets of Belleville), ride centuries (or whatever distance works) on rollers, trainers, or whatever other stationary-cycling devices we come up with, and raise a bunch of money for a really good cause.

Our basement is finished, quite comfortable, and can probably hold four to six bikes on rollers or trainers (depending on how much stuff we move, LOL). I'm looking into laying hands on a projector for the movies. I'm sure we can find one, and we want one anyway.

Anyway, if you're in the area and the idea sounds interesting, let me know ... I'm trying to feel things out before I commit to decluttering the basement (LOL!). In 2010, the 'entry fee' for One Hundred Miles of Nowhere was $75, and I'm guessing it'll be something like that in 2011. I'm thinking snacks and so forth can be handled potluck-style.

I should probably head off to work now, but I think I'll leave you with this lovely image from 2010's Day of the Ice before I go:

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  1. LOL, that's actually a great idea! Especially if there are many rollers and few of us who have any experience whatsoever with rollers :D