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Friday, February 25, 2011

In Which Your Humble Blogger Fails at Logging Miles ... Again

I need to update my training log.  Also, to either buy a wireless cyclometer or put the old one on my road bike.  Manually calculating top speed is impossible (except on those awesome occasions when someone pulls up and says, "OMG you were totally going 35 MPH down that hill!" or whatever), and manually calculating average speed is a pain in the neck.

I had a nice ride today from the Irish Rover on Frankfort Ave to bell choir practice at my church.  I am definitely feeling much better on the bike now that I've adjusted the angle of the bars, though I'm still seriously hinky about fast descents in wet weather (less than I was, though).  I guess that's not an unreasonable thing to be hinky about, though, and it's not like it's keeping me off the bike.  I'll have to map my route and figure out the distance.  Lately, that just seems too much like work, so I think it's definitely time to employ the cyclometer to the best of its capabilities.

DD also took me shopping (yeay!), and we acquired another rain jacket (so I can wash mine once in a while, LOL), a convertible wind jacket/wind vest, and a plain ol' wind vest, in addition to a bunch of nice wool sweaters to be felted a little and converted into cycling sweaters for next winter at the DAV thrift store on Dixie Highway.  They often have an array of running stuff suitable for cycling (hence the wind vest), and occasionally have actual cycling stuff (such as a random skinsuit, which I almost bought, months ago: ultimately, I decided against it, because I didn't like the idea of having to basically get totally undressed to use the restroom on a long ride, and I don't plan to race in a skinsuit any time soon).

I have decided to give bibs a try.  This decision largely resulted from a couple of potentially-embarrassing wind-related wardrobe malfunctions involving the nose of my saddle and the back of my shorts.  I'm pretty sure I mooned a mailman at least once.  It can be challenging to swing into the saddle with a bazillion pounds of mail on your back.

Tomorrow's supposed to be rainy and windy.  Looks like good weather for testing the new wind vest, among other things.  Also looks like I'm going to probably want to wear my thermal tights at least once more this year.   Also, also looks like a good day to co-ordinate rides with the weather so you get a tailwind while climbing :)

There's a saying about the month of March: "In like a lion, out like a lamb."  Since weather.com is predicting a ten-degree temperature drop between 3 and 9 AM, I'm guessing the lion's a little early.

Tomorrow (technically today; having a touch of insomnia) is going to be one of those days for the maxim, "Just remember: in Belgium, they race in this stuff."

Edit: Just logged my Eva Bandman ride from the other day on Map My Ride.  I like the way the elevation profile scales relative to the overall change in elevation.  If you just glance at the elevation profile on the map:


and don't look at the numbers, you'll think there are actual climbs on this ride.

In fact, the elevation profile for this ride should look more or less like this:


Only the starting descent and ending climb shouldn't be quite so stiff.  If I can ride it in 53x15, get to the top, and say to myself, "Oh, there was a hill there," it really shouldn't count :D

Also, it turns out MMR now has a food log tool, so I can drift away from Livestrong altogether.  Not that I don't like Livestrong, but their mapping tool is slow as Christmas, and that annoys the bejeebers out of me.

In other, other news, I am down about 2 lbs for the week, so I'm happy with that.  More than that, at this point, would be overkill.  One of these days I will get really brave and start posting my weight numbers :::gulp:::  Maybe I'll post them in stone, just to be obstinate.

...And now I'm going to bed, so I don't kill myself on the bike tomorrow.

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