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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just a Quick One!

I need to go hand in my psych mid-term and a paper in like fifteen minutes, but I figured I could post a quick update just so everyone knows I'm not dead :)

First, I've been learning lots of useful bike-fixing skills, and gaining confidence in the domain of front-derailleur-wranglage.

Next, Hg is nearly complete. Given a little luck, I may even get to ride my new bike this weekend!!!!!!!!!! (Yes, that needed that many exclamation points.)

Last, I discovered a new ride on the LBC ride schedule that goes off on a day I actually have free (most of the time) and leaves from the Kroger at Central Ave, which is only a few miles from my house! Huzzah!

This is really fantastic in my book, since my work schedule now includes Saturdays, so between school, work, and church commitments, it is now ridiculously hard to get to many group rides.

I will be adding this one to my events calendar.


  1. If you analyze all the component activities from start to finish in a project like Hg, including the First Ride, I can't think of many other types of comparable projects that include exercise or physical activity as part of the end result--carving your own wooden row boat maybe? What else do you plan, shop for, make, tune, and then propel with your own power in such a satisfying way?

  2. You know, that's an excellent point. I do think that the only similar thing I can think of would be building your own row boat or canoe, which sounds like a deeply and profoundly satisfying way to spend a summer ... assuming it left enough time for riding the bike ;)