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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Stuck on You

I mentioned in an earlier post that I recently ordered (and received) a nice new seatpost for Quicksilver -- only to discover that the old one is stuck fast.  After trying several suggestions from the venerable Saint Sheldon, it's still in there.

During a closer examination in the shop, Billy discovered a little bump in the seat tube, which I am quite certain wasn't there prior to the car accident.  He thinks that the forces involved probably wedged the seatpost in; based on the location of the bump in question and the events entailed, I think he may be right.  We've got a couple more tricks we might try to get it out, but it's beginning to look like Quicksilver might, quite literally, be stuck with a suspension seatpost.

It won't be the end of the world if that's the case, but it will eventually mean I won't be able to comfortably ride QS anymore, since the suspension is slowly failing.

This has me pondering whether or not I'll actually buy another '94 Allez some day, if the seatpost problem remains unresolved.  Part of me thinks the obvious answer is 'yes,' and yet part of me somehow feels that would be foolish.  Just like you can't re-create a beloved dog by getting another dog of the same breed, I don't think another '94 Allez would be exactly like QS (though, admittedly, given the chance, it would be nice to ride one a couple centimeters larger).  And, then, part of me feels sad about the idea of QS hanging on the wall or in the garage while I take another bike of the same vintage out on the road.  I realize that bikes aren't really sentient, but somehow, it feels just a little unfaithful.

At this point, of course, it's purely a matter of conjecture.  QS is still very rideable, and I plan to continue riding all over the place on him until I can no longer do so, whether that's in a few months due to suspension-seatpost failure, or many years from now due to the difficulties and possible legal complications involved in riding a bike while actively dead.

Regardless, QS is an awesome bike; still the best bike I have ever had the pleasure of riding.  I'm sure there are even better bikes in the world, but I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to spend so much time on such a stellar example of the breed.

Likewise, I'm not much of one to live in the past.  If it turns out, sooner or later, that I can't ride QS anymore, I don't know that I'll actively seek out another classic Allez (though I'll probably snap one up in a heartbeat if I ever stumble upon one and am feeling flush enough to make an impulse purchase).

Anyway, that's it for now.  If we do manage to free the seatpost, I will rejoice.  Until then, I'm sorting it out.

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