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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Things To Do In A Bike Shop On A Really Slow Day

  1. Finish any pending repairs.
  2. Test ride all the newly-repaired bikes.  
  3. Test ride the really good ones again, just to be sure :::koff:::
  4. Test ride the various trainers, rollers, etc.
  5. Test drive the first-aid kit after you fall off the rollers.
  6. Leaf through all the parts and accessories catalogs and mentally assemble an order for the Most Awesomest Long-Distance Loaded Touring Bike Ever.
  7. Check the tire pressure in all the bikes on the sales floor.
  8. Inflate all sub-par tires to a comfortable test-riding pressure.
  9. Test ride all the bikes on the sales floor, you know, to ensure that they don't need to be tuned up.
  10. Ride laps around the shop on the single-speed trike while giggling maniacally.
  11. Explain to the nice men who have just showed up in an ambulance that you are not, in fact, actually crazy and probably do not need to go in for a psych eval.
  12. Offer to let them test ride the tricycle in question.
  13. Spend the rest of the day holding an individual tricycle time trial involving yourself, both paramedics, the firemen who have now arrived on the scene, and a number of innocent bystanders...

Oh, in other news, the afore-promised completed build shot:

From MyBikes

And a shot of a beautiful, near-mint Schwinn Co-Ed from 1960 that came in last weekend:

From CyclingStuff

I swapped out its rear tire, then got to test-ride it to make sure it was safe to ride. It was not only safe, but an absolutely delightful ride. I'm beginning to suspect that every roadie should be prescribed an old-skool single speed cruiser with a coaster brake, so that when we get too ZOMG SRS! about riding bikes, we can kick back on one of these babies and remember what pure fun feels like.

Note: I have not, by any means, done all these things -- but they're all at least things I've considered.


  1. Hold side-by-side chainless bottom bracket spinning comparison contests? Make stop-action animation videos involving bicycles and Barbie dolls? Rotate top-of-the-line parts off new bicycles, replacing them with next-in-line parts, slowly assembling your own new bike piece by piece (I've always assumed bike shop guys do this).

  2. Hm, I'm going to have to remember the first two suggestions for next weekend :D

    As for the last bit ... it reminds me of a Johnny Cash song :D

  3. Both bikes look awesome. Hg is definitely drool-worthy.

  4. Thanks :D I'm ever-so-slightly envious of the lady who's getting the classic Schwinn, I must admit!