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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fits and Starts

My 2-week stint as a courier is done, the Mayor's Hike, Bike, and Paddle is behind us (DD rode with me this year -- very different experience from hammering it out with the fast group!), and summer is unofficially officially here.  I guess it won't be officially officially here 'til somewhere around 21 June, but if you live in Louisville, you know it's summer already.

You know that because the streets are only a few degrees cooler than the surface of the sun and the trees and grass look all jungly, because only like one person in your 6,000+-bike group ride is wearing tights, and because you've already seen the first firefly of the year (woot!).  Also, you know it's summer because every time you set foot out of your front (or back) door, you are tortured by the delicious scent of BBQ (OMG BBQ!) or smoking meat wafting from somewhere nearby ... a scent that follows you as you roll through the city, eventually forcing you to buy teriyaki beef* jerky in the middle of your semi-epic-ride-of-the-moment in a meager effort to overcome THE CRAVING, which might otherwise cause you to tear open and chug the nearest bottle of BBQ sauce (OMG WTF BBQ!) ... or maybe that's just me.

In other news, the bikes are currently not very happy.  Hg is waiting for a new bottom bracket -- which should permanently correct the loose crank issue -- after I attempted to hammer it home ahead of the Doomsday Storm last Monday and managed to exacerbate its existing problems.  Fortunately, DD came and rescued me just in the nick of time (I love him for many reasons, among them, the fact that he bears a startling resemblance to a modern day fairy-tale hero, at least in terms of ability to show up just in time and rescue me from whatever danger currently threatens my bodily, psychological, or bike-o-logical well-being).

QS also really needs a BB overhaul as well, but Hg will probably be done first.  I haven't yet determined what kind of BB QS needs (OMG, WTF, BBQS?).  I think QS will hold out a little longer ... at least, I sincerely hope so, since it's....

Short Track Racing Time Again!

I, of course, will not be racing in the Short Track Series, because I continue to not own a mountain bike ... though I am fighting a mighty temptation to ask a friend of mine if I can borrow his and give it a go.  Ahem.  I do, however, plan to ride over to help set up and so forth tomorrow night.  That should be fun.  I am debating whether or not to wear my team kit.  I probably won't this week, since I'm absolutely, definitely NOT RACING this week, and also because I am back to thinking I look like good ol' Sta-Puft in said team kit (though I did wear it on Monday for the Hike&Bike, because I left home wearing that and the wind vest, and the wind vest got to be too ridiculously hot).  That said, though it should be no surprise at all, two weeks of couriering have done wonders for my fitness level, assuming I haven't blown it all over the weekend pigging out at an amazing BBQ (OMG BBQ!) thrown by our friends K (with whom Swift now resides) and J (her husband, owner of the mountain bike I'm itching to borrow for the short-track series).

The goal, of course, is to not look like Sta-Puft by September.  The problem being that I have become rather a decent cook, and am generally rather surrounded by tasty food, since I like to feed said tasty food to DD and our housemate, LT.  I hope that an almost-totally-blank summer schedule, which provides ridiculous amounts of time for doing nothing but Riding The Bike, will ameliorate the effect of said tasty food on my figure.  Because, really, that's pretty much what it's about for me: I am decently fast when I want or need to make an effort, and not expecting to get a whole lot faster by 'cross season, but I'd really, really like to look better in my team kit.

Sad?  Perhaps.

This concludes today's rambling and hyperactive update :)

*or soy, or turkey, or whatever

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