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Saturday, July 30, 2011

My First Spammer

While I was out (being in Chicago and then having a beast of a summer cold), I got my first-ever honest-to-goodness spam comment!  Woohoo!

I'm sure this is some kind of blogging-world milestone, so I figured that I would repost said comment here, for posterity's sake.  Enjoy!

Here it is:

Please for Christ sake please help me
I need your help and support to help PAY MY Tuition Fees. I need your only 3 to 5 minutes approximately

What you have to do is
1.go to Google.com and search "Kwotz-Golden Words of Life"
2.then visit my blog from the the search results.
3.Remain on the page i.e Kwotz for one minute or so and do some random surfing
4. click ONE of the ads that appeals to you from AdChoices and visit there.
5.remain on that page for one minute or so and do some random surfing.
and that's it.

NOTE: Only ONE click is needed.
I will be grateful to you.
May God Bless You.

For the record, my answer is:
I'm going to be hard-pressed to pay for my own schooling this year without imposing upon the kindness of people who I actually know personally, and I wouldn't dream of asking perfect strangers to get in on the gig.  While it's possible that your intentions are really actually good, I maintain pretty careful control over where my computers go on the internet due to the risk of identity theft (been there, done that, not fun) and viruses (ewww).  Random click-throughs are definitely not my thing.  Good luck, though, and I wish you success in your studies.


  1. Dang, g00g13 searching those words is a quagmire of spamnation! Ack!

  2. Holy cow. I've had literally thousands of spam comments. Fortunately Wordpress catches most of them, but still a few get through here and there. Frankly I'm amazed that you've only ever had one.

  3. JRA: all I can say is ZOMG! :D

    Apertome: It's possible that Blogger is just great at catching Spam comments and never shows them to me :) Then again, it's possible also that my blog is simply more obscure!