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Friday, May 28, 2010


I am posting way too often, and not nearly often enough about cycling. I'm sure you'll all be rather glad when I get back on my bike and STFU :)

So, in that vein, I have for you another post that has little to do with cycling.

My performance review is now behind me, allowing me to stop freaking out for no apparent reason and focus on moving forward. The first rule of performance reviews is, "You don't talk about performance reviews," so I'll leave it at: "Yup, still got my job." That's about as much as I can say without violating some policy or another :)

However, the PR has me thinking about goals, so now I'm going to bore you with some of mine.

New Goalset!

Or are goals more like a 'gruppo' kind of thing? I'm so confused.
  1. Stop eating like an idiot. I know I'm not some hot-shot performance athlete, or whatever, and I basically just ride bikes because I like going fast, but eating better might help my body be more efficient, and therefore might make riding more fun. Before you ask, of course this has absolutely NOTHING to do with the infamous That Little Voice (TLV) and his ongoing insistence that racing could be fun, and we'll never know unless we try /:
  2. Get back on the bike. Or maybe I should say, 'Get back on the bike, but don't overdo it. I suspect the first part won't be too hard for me. We'll see about the second.
  3. Cycling shorts: get them. Really. Not that I think you can't ride without proper cycling shorts, but I really do think they'll come in handy on those long rides. Plus, what's the point in meticulously shaving your legs if you're going to look like a total Fred*? Oh, wait — shut up, TLV.
  4. Sign up for this year's Ride to Conquer Cancer (this will have to happen next Friday, due to budgetary constraints). I have some fundraising ideas. I'm absolutely certain I don't have the brass to pull some of them off, as awesome as they may sound in my head, but others are probably attainable by we mere mortals.
  5. Group Rides!!!I just realized that Laura T., who I met last week at the Big National Party For That Thing We Were Already Doing Anyway (aka 'Bike To Work Day'), is RC for LBC's Slow & Easy Saturday AM ride. Once my leg is ready for a 17-miler (egads, I feel pathetic right now), I want to get in on that.
  6. Get with the local N00b Racing Peepz and ask them if I'm crazy for wanting to give it a whirl (this season is prolly a wash, so I'm thinking about maybe doing 'cross over the winter, and then n00b road racing next year). I realize that might be very much like asking drug dealers if they think you're crazy for wanting to try cocaine, or ravers if you're crazy for wanting to try Ecstasy (or whatever this week's designer drug of choice is). I'll watch for those subtle cues that I'm about to inadvertently sell my soul, such as fiendish hand-rubbing, maniacal laughter, and the sudden appearance of horns and/or long, red tails.

In other news, my leg is improving apace. I'm stretching it regularly (actually, near-constantly, because stretching it actually feels good, now). As a guy who prides himself on his flexibility (hey, you have to like something about your body), I'm not terribly happy about the fact that my left leg is all tight and weird. It's all right, though; I'm following PT Guy's instructions, and I'm sure it'll be fine again soon.

The thing that I think is startling is that it now feels better in the afternoon than it did in the morning. I don't know if this just means it's stiff in the morning, or if I've reached a point at which the healing is just pretty quick. I'm not going to question it.

*I should note that TLV appears to be perfectly fine with other people looking what roadies might call 'Fredly,' much in the way that my inner Prima Donna is fine with other people being ... um ... built for comfort. These imprecations are directed towards me, and me alone. And I refuse to look too road-tastic on brevets. I will probably never grow a beard (in fact, I probably *can't* grow a brevet-worthy beard), but I like the maverick spirit that underpins the world of randonneuring and informs its fashion choices.

Also, if I ever find myself wearing 'team kit' on my commute, I promise to immediately ride off the nearest short pier.

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