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Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Near-Perfect Day

Today I left home around 11:00 to run some errands and generally goof off on my bike. Around 3:00, I got a text from a friend of mine, and we went riding together in Cherokee Park and the surrounding area. He was quite game on the roads, which I appreciated. I tried to be a good 'mini-ride captain' and not make sudden unexplained turns or get him run over by automobiles. It seems to have worked, because he actually seems keen to ride more. Yeay!

We finally got done around 8:30, after a short break for hydration, carbs, and conversation at WackArnold's. I came in around 9:00 and found that Cam had made some awesome BBQ chicken (and a sweet potato just for me! Yeay again!), so I ate that.

I would've been a totally perfect day except for the fact that Swift's rear wheel is really becoming quite wobbly (perhaps I should quit jumping the curb on my way out and when I return home until it's sorted). However, my friend said he thinks I should try repacking the bearings, which is something I need to learn how to do anyway. So before I despair and cannibalize Traveller's wheels, I think I'll see if I can get someone to walk me through that. Worst case scenario, it might turn out that the nuts are stripped or the axle has somehow been compromised, in which case I do have a perfectly good set of very nice alloy wheels just waiting to be stolen from one bike and transferred to the other.

Oh, I also got a haircut. I'm not actually sure I'm glad I did so, entirely, because I was enjoy the seventeenth-century princeling look, but it is inarguably much cooler under my brainshell now.

Pictures forthcoming.

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