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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oh, And...

Next Friday is National Bike To Work Day.

I'm pretty sure my reader(s?) already bike(s?) to work, as do I, but I'm happy about Bike To Work Day anyway. Anything that makes the prospect of riding a bike a little more inviting to the un-biked is good in my book.

Our local cycling-advocacy groups, such as Metro Lou's BikeLouisville program and the similarly-named but nonetheless discrete Bicycling for Louisville, have put together an array of cycling-related activities, including a lunchtime bike bash at Fourth Street Live. (Relax! That's 'bash' as in party, not as in what happens to your bike when an SUV plows into the bike rack.)

One Trek 7000 will be given away to a lucky winner at the Bike Bash, as opposed to 7000 Trek 1s. I would rather they gave away 7000 Trek 1s, because A) I want a road bike (:::sigh:::) and B) that way pretty much everyone who signs up would get one (as would a few thousand other lucky people, I suspect). However, with the MSRP for the least-expensive '1-series' model set at $659, and budgetary woes being what they are, I guess I can understand why they chose to go with the one 7000 instead*.

LBC (of which I have at last become an official member, after much intending-to-do-it-then-forgetting-when-the-opportunity-arose), which convieniently stands for both Louisville Bicycle Club and Local Bike Club (qv LBS), is lending its aid to the festivities by getting the word out (in fact, that's how I wound up doing the Meet & Ride on Saturday) and so forth. Local businesses are also jumping in — not one, but two of our local coffeehouse families are providing free coffee to people riding to work.

Meet-and-Ride groups will be departing from Seneca, Iroquois, and Shawnee Parks on Friday morning at 7:00 AM — parking will be available so drivers can park and ride.

I plan to do the Seneca Park Meet-and-Ride, and several of us from my office (and some of our friends who work nearby) will be at the celebration. I'm never sure what to do with myself at parties, so I'm hoping the fact that this one is basically a big bike-themed party with local vendors and so forth will make life easier for me. Regardless, if you happen to read this blog and you're in the area, I hope to see you there :)

*If I ever find myself swimming in cash, though, I'll happily donate the $4,613,000 to provide 7,000 people with a Trek 1.1. I will also buy myself a Titanium bike, at least two good steel road bikes, and a pony, because at that point, why not?

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