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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not Qualified to Operate This Machinery

This morning, PT Guy and I headed out for a ride just before 6:30 AM. I figured I'd top off Quicksilver's tires, since the pressure was a little low on Sunday, so I broke out my frame pump (still haven't replaced the floor pump — d'oh) and proceeded to try to figure out how to make it work with Presta valves. I took out the faceplate and the little rubber core piece, flipped the core piece over, and immediately succeeded in completely deflating Quicksilver's front tire.

Um. Oops?

When I got to work today, I asked Jens (who has roughly the same frame pump as I do) to show me what I was doing wrong. Turns out there's a second little core piece that I somehow missed. That has to flip over, too. Who knew? I bet it works much better when you do it right.

Suffice it to say, I rode Swift this morning. He feels and handles quite differently from Quicksilver — I think I actually like the feel of the road bike better, at the moment. PT Guy kept up well — at one point he threw his chain (his Fuji folder apparently overshoots, just like Swift), but he got it back on the big ring and kept going.

When we returned to the garage, I picked up PT Guy's folder, just to see how much it weighed. That bike is a hoss! I'm pretty impressed with his ability to go the distance (which, at five or six miles, is pretty good for someone who has no prior experience with distance riding, and very little with riding in general) on his tank of a bike. It may actually be heavier than Traveler (it's pretty, though!). PT Guy is used to pushing big gears and is now learning to spin smaller ones, and he's really doing quite well at it.

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