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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Not Qualified Redux

So last night I got hold of a floor pump that works with Presta valves. Back in the garage, I managed to get about 80 PSI into Quicksilver's tires* (they're designed to inflate to 105 PSI), got frustrated, and said, "Screw this, I'll top 'em up in the morning."

This morning, I went to top them up, and broke the freaking valve*.

Did I mention that I'm not qualified to operate this equipment?


Suffice it to say I'll be hitting up the bike shop for a new tube. I didn't realize there was a piece of bike equipment capable of making me feel like a ten-thumbed idiot.

On the other hand, Swift is getting lots of action, and PT Guy is rolling along with me very gamely. I took him out on the roads today, and he did very well. I might see if I can get him out on one of the easy club rides this weekend — there's a slow and easy ride that meets up at Waterfront Park. I think that might be a good choice.

*Edit: I realize this is unclear. I should've said 'tire,' not 'tires,' and only the front tire was affected by my Grand Championship Moron status.

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