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Monday, June 14, 2010

OMG Lance* fixed my bike!

For the past couple of weeks, Swift has been in the shop, waiting for a replacement axel. This was no big deal, since A) I have veritable a fleet of bikes at my disposal, including my lovely Allez and B) I haven't really been riding much anyway, what with the ol' banged-up leg and all.

The axel arrived at last on Thursday, having apparently been lovingly hand-crafted from the rarest of metals high in the Tibetan mountains by a monastery full of sherpa-monks and then delivered via carrier pigeon (at least, I'm guessing that's why it took a while to get here). On Friday morning PT Guy learned that Swift was on the table and would be ready soon.

Friday afternoon, I received a text message saying, "Lance called; your bike is ready."

So, in case you're wondering, in addition to his many other important responsibilities in the world of cycling, good ol' Lance* is wrenching at Parkside Bikes here in Louisville, where he's doing a great job.

*Okay, maybe it wasn't THAT Lance. But it was A Lance, and he did a great job either way.

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