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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Also, Evidence That I Do Occasionally Think About Something Other Than Bikes...

...if not something other than transportation:

From RandomStuff

I know my handwriting is hard to read, so here's the captions:
"Tur-bo-tile: Scourge of the Woodland"

---------------Image (right to left)---------------
Swan: "I say! Do watch out, sir!"
Rabbit 1: "That's jest un-nat'rul."
Rabbit 2: "WTF?"
Tur-bo-tile: (whistling)
Loon-esque-thing: "EH?"

Inspired by OSG's runaway tortoise.

Edit: For the record, these are notes from a meeting. As you can probably tell, it was one that kind of meeting which require the attendance of everyone in the department, but is actually relevant to maybe two people.

Otherwise, there would be actual notes along with random drawings.


  1. Looks like it was a productive meeting! PS bunny bunny bunny!!

  2. LOL! It was for me, at any rate!