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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Back in Action

I had an appointment in the Highlands today, so I brought my bike as a back-up plan (recent bus schedule changes have left me perplexed). I got a little riding in, and my shoulder actually feels pretty great.

I'm optimistic about riding this weekend, though I think I will probably slow as Christmas -- Quicksilver is stuck on the big ring again, and doesn't seem willing to budge. Makes the climbs a bit more challenging. That being said, neither my legs nor my lungs exploded, so I'm actually feeling pretty optimistic.


  1. Yes! I'm glad you're back at it. I'd bug you to join RCCS and me in Seymour, IN this weekend, but it's probably too soon for a 50-ish-miler, I bet, huh?

  2. Probably :) I'm planning on a 25.62 mile round trip on Saturday, so if that goes well, I think I should be up for an RCCS ride soon. I think I may need to replace my FD, though right now I'm debating whether or not I want to just leave it alone and ride around on the big ring all the time.

    I suspect the small ring may be as much a psychological prop as anything, for most rides, so if I condition myself to ride the big ring more, in the future, I'll rely on the small ring less.