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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spring ... is? ... in the Air

Edit: If you're not already a fan of 39 Stone Cyclist, you should really check out today's post (then scroll back to see some of his older stuff).  He looks awesome!  I mean really awesome.  This guy is an inspiration to me, as are Aki (Sprinter Della Casa) of Carpe Diem Racing in Connecticut and Kentuckiana's own David Crowell.  These guys are basically my heroes; all fellows who have struggled with their weight but remained fiercely committed to the love of the Bike through it all.  I will consider myself really lucky if I get to meet any of them in person some day (DD and I need to take a trip to CT for wedding-planning purposes, so maybe I finagle it to fall on the same day as one of the Bethel crits or something so I can at least go see SDC ride).

Maybe the next time I'm tempted to eat half a pizza without first riding fifty miles, I'll keep them all in mind :D

With the sun shedding its glory all around us and a temperature of a balmy 13c/55f, Louisville's thoughts are turning to the coming spring.

And, as we all know, in spring, a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of...

The upcoming racing season, of course.

I know I said I was thinking about not racing this year.  And I'm still thinking about not racing this year -- at least, I'm trying to convince myself to think about not racing, and to focus instead on non-competitive (Ha!) long-distance rides.

Part of me thinks I don't need the sturm and drang of competition.  Another part of me knows I'm going to compete regardless (daily time trial, anyone?), so I might as well do so officially.

Thus, I'm planning on enjoying the remaining week of my unintentional 'off season,' then get crackin' on actually undertaking a formal training routine, not to mention improving my rather-horrible eating habits.  I've been pretty happy with the results of my 'just ride a whole lot,' plan., in terms of developing basic fitness and shedding some of my few-extra-pounds, but a formal training plan would help me actually reach whatever riding goals I decide to set for the upcoming season, and a better diet would probably just help me feel better in general.

In preparation for these ... er ... preparations, I'm planning to see if I can get my new bike built up, and to install a cyclometer on it.

I guess I should also decide if I want to do 'cross in the fall, and train accordingly.

I plan to resurrect my mileage log in a weekly-and-monthly format, so I can better manage incremental goals.

In fact, maybe I'll go do that right now (update: you can see the new format here [opens in new window]).

In other news, I really, really, really want to ride my bike right now.  It's ridiculously beautiful out.  Instead, once I finish setting up my mileage log, I'm going to go for (gasp) a walk...

If, that is, I can remember how that whole 'walking' thing works.  It's fixed-gear only, I think -- no coasting -- but are there brakes?  Do you have to call out 'on your left' when passing?  Does anyone remember?  Anyone?  Bueller?



  1. I'm a hero? Yes, I don't let my weight issues keep me off my bike, but I still fight the weight issues, and I'm slow.

    You need a better hero. :) You should show up for the next RCCS ride though. It could be fun.

  2. LOL, I think you make a perfectly good hero.

    Your honesty and dedication really inspire me, and I think that's what counts when you're picking heroes -- they don't have to be famous or the fastest, strongest, greatest people out there, just folks who try really hard and aren't afraid to admit their failures (as well as their successes).

    I will keep an eye on the RCCS blog -- I should be back on the bike this weekend (shoulder is feeling pretty darned good!), so I might actually manage to make the next one (unless I'm at church then).