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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Training Goals for 2011

Overall Goals:
Garner as much enjoyment as humanly possible from riding the bike.
Continue to improve my health.
Don't overdo it.

Long-Distance Goal:
Yes, I'm going to try again for a 200k, if I can find one that isn't, say, the 19th of this month.  I don't think I'm likely to be ready for a 200k by next Saturday! 

If I don't manage to find an organized 200k, then at least one or two organized centuries.

In 2012, I would like to do a Super-Randonneur series, but we'll see.

Racing Goal:
Try new things, have fun, and try to finish races -- but not at the expense of fun!

Work Goal:
Continue to improve at providing fast, efficient courier service throughout CBD's service area.

February Goals:
-Week One-
Long ride: 20 miles
Total Distance: 100 miles

-Week Two-
Long ride: 25 miles
Total Distance: 110 miles


  1. Good goals. The 200k next weekend is absurd, yes. I was thinking about doing it, but between school, being sick, and the weather, my training's been lacking.

    Now I'm thinking of one in southern IL in May:

    Might be worth a look.

  2. Thanks!

    WRT next weekend's 200K, I so hear you. I think if I'd bothered to check the RUSA calendar back in November so I could get some serious training in, and then, say, not had the flu and not blown up my shoulder colliding with a car, I might've managed to do the 200K next weekend.

    Sadly, I have yet to perfect my 'time machine' (by 'time machine' I mean 'riding up hills so slowly that time moves backwards'), so I'm glad you mentioned the May brevet in IL -- that looks like it might be worth shooting for. (Though perhaps before I decide I'm up for a 200K in May, I should see how this weekend's long ride goes, LOL.)