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Friday, June 03, 2011

One Hundred Miles of Rundill/Nowhere Update

So it turns out that I am a moron, and forgot we have a graduation party tomorrow.  Likewise, Hg isn't fixed yet -- QS is a fun ride, but not a great century bike for me (or probably for anyone over 5'4").  Next weekend we're also booked (family reunion time!) -- so, while I intend to bring Hg with me out to the farm, I won't be in range of Rundill to do my ride.  The weekend after that we'll be in Berea at the Whippoorwill Festival (w00t!).  So it looks like the last weekend in June is probably my target for doing 100 Miles of Rundill.  I should probably confirm with DD, who is the social director on the SS Our Life On Arling Court, that we're actually free that weekend ... and then I may still have to work, so the ride may get bumped to Sunday.

This is good, because I have somehow neglected (in the midst of my intermittent depressions) to finish the 100 Miles of Rundill T-Shirt design, or to issue some kind of formal invitation to people who don't actually read my blog (oddly enough, most of my long-standing 'real life' friends don't read this particular blog).  So now I have time to do all that stuff.  D'oh.

In other news, I tried one of Clif's Builder Bars that came in my Bike To Work Day 2010 shwag, and liked it a lot.  I've now discovered that they make a lemon flavor.  w00t!  I like lemon-flavored almost anything (except fish -- I don't like fish with lemon at all -- and I don't like lemon scented dish soap), so I'm itching to try the lemon Builder Bar.  I think I will see if I can lay hands on some and give them a go for 100 Miles of Rundill.

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